On the Brink

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Tomorrow starts the long road to The New York Marathon. On November 4th 2012, I’ll be lining up with tens of thousands of others to run the 26.2 miles around the city that never sleeps. I am actually beyond excited! You know that nervous excitement where you’re shitting yourself but you’re really happy about it? That! So I have just under six months to get myself into some sort of athletic shape in order to not make a vomiting show of myself…. I am not an athlete. My finest sporting achievement to date was beating the other fat girl in my class in 5th year in a race for last place in the 400m in PE. I affectionately remember it as ‘The Battle of the Portlies’. She was last, I was second last, and the victory was sweet. Real Chariots of Fire stuff! So why the sudden thirst for athletics? Admittedly, running really is ‘the new black’ these days, so I feel like I’m jumping on the bandwagon to some degree – not so! I had the idea for the marathon about a year into the whole weight loss thing. Part-inspired by Scrubs! JD turns thirty and decides to do a triathlon before his birthday, a fairly amusing episode (I’m quite a fan) but it made me realise that I am cruising my way to thirty, and I’d quite like something cool under my belt before I trundle towards middle age. A premature midlife crisis if you will.

So, with the idea firmly in place, I started researching and coming to terms with the distance and the committment that would be required for this endeavour. Despite this, I was still 16/17 stone and couldn’t so much as jog on the treadmill! But mind over matter and all that, I have no excuses anymore, and I will cross the finish line in Central Park even if it kills me. Another source of inspiration came in the form of a totally random meeting with a guy called Eric Smart. Eric landed into my shop one sunny evening around 2009, a cyclist looking to know were there any hostels/hotels nearby where he could crash for the night. We got talking, and he told me about his journey. Aberdeen to Adelaide! Cookstown was only one of his stops on a huge charity cycle, God love him. The guy was brimming with coolness, totally relaxed and chilled out and you could just tell he was having the best time doing his thing. I didn’t know whether to believe him or not at first! But he gave me his blog address and I went online for a duke – sure enough, there he was! And what a great read. Check it out for yourselves aberdeen2adelaide.blogspot.co.uk

After reading through all his adventures, I decided that if he could do this mammoth event, I could surely do a marathon. Fuck it! It’s not as if I have anything else going on! I do get a few sceptical looks from people when I tell them I’m doing it, but I can’t really blame them. A: It’s an insane distance for most rational people to consider traversing on foot. B: I haven’t been regular sized for very long. Most people still think of me as a wagon (another term for hallion, but more female specifc). In truth, I still think I’m a wagon too most times. My mind takes a wee while to catch up with my eyes. Anyway, I can see why people would be sceptical, I still remember a certain hateful bastard I used to work with literally sniggering in my face the first day I went to the gym. I won’t be forgetting that in a hurry! But scepticism aside, this is happening, so get onboard if you want to!

SO! After all that waffle, I am doing this marathon BECAUSE I WANT TO. Just to be able to say ‘I did it’, and for no other reason. However, it is a fantastic opportunity to raise money for Southern Area Hospice Services, and it would be remiss of me not to fundraise for what is a fantastic local charity. So a JustGiving page has been set up, and I will possibly also be badgering some local businesses for sponsorship too – most likely local food purveyors who benefitted from my pie addiction over the years! I wish to stress on this point, the marathon is paid for already. I paid myself because I’m doing it for myself, so every single penny and pound donated will go straight to the Hospice.

I shall wrap up. I hope whoever out there is reading is enjoying, and that I’m not being too boring or self indulgent. Comments are welcome, if only to rip me out. Definitely check out that blog by Eric Smart, it’s well worth the read! I shall update again soon.


One thought on “On the Brink

  1. I had to laugh when you mentioned the 400m race in school. I was exactly the same and used to crap myself when I thought people ran the 1600m at Sport’s day..

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