Love me Tendon…


Last time I checked in, I was ‘On the Brink’. At the minute, I’m on the sofa! Watching Dexter and scoffing some mild curry Batchelors rice, I need the carbs due to all my high intensity training! That’s maybe a bit of a stretch, but I have started my marathon training endeavours quite well – 11.14 miles under my belt this week. A seasoned runner would surely scoff at such a piddly wee amount, but it’s 11 miles more than last week or the week before that. I’m spending this month concentrating on developing a running ‘habit’, as in consistently running a certain distance every other day at least. I want my basic run to be 5k, with a longer run on one day in the week. I haven’t quite hit this stride yet!

Monday’s run was awful. To be honest, I felt like a fat cunt. Sorry for dropping the c-bomb, but I had a genuine hatred for myself on Monday! I ran two miles, but it felt like 22. It had been pissing/hail stoning prior to me leaving the house, so I was in my ridiculously pink waterproof jacket. It (like most of clothing) is tight around the tummy and loose everywhere else, so I spent a fair proportion of my time yanking it back to position as it kept riding up. This sort of thing ANNOYS me. I have a seriously short temper and can’t be doing with irritations. My legs also hurt a little as I tried to pick up the pace. Basically I spent the first 2/3 of the run thinking of reasons to turn back. I felt like all the previous running work I’d done in the past had been a waste of time and I was starting from scratch again. My four day weekend of eating shite was definitely showing round my waist and was weighing heavy on my mind. There are so many shite puns in that one sentence that I can barely bring myself to read it again!

Because I felt like a useless hoor about the Monday run, I went for a wee disco jog around The Mall in Armagh enroute home from work on Tuesday. I had tried this also last Friday and found that it is exactly one kilometre around. Surely five times round would be easy! Bullshit. I ran round it once on Tuesday and was instantly bored. It’s just boring. I realised this more so on Wednesday morning when I tackled The Mall run again. I got up earlier than usual to run before work, which is something I’ll be doing more often, as it really does set you up for the day! But I will be on the lookout for a new venue, I swear, that place is Dullsville. You’d think it would be lovely! A nice mix of concrete and foliage, like a runty Central Park. And it is lovely, but it’s just not for me. However, the fact it is one kilometre round is a neat wee measurement and easily counted, so never say never and all that.

Things improved yesterday, despite a visit to the doctor in the morning – more on that later. Another wee two miler, but I walked the first mile instead of walking for two or three minutes and then starting to walk/run. What a good idea this is! Who knew it was smart thinking to do a light warm up before the real fun begins? D’oh! Buoyed by my success yesterday, I repeated the same technique this evening. Literally walk for one mile, then start the walk/run stuff. I had a mega enjoyable run this evening, I ran from Camlough to Newry (3.23 miles/5.2k) in just under forty minutes. Again, doesn’t sound too impressive, especially when you see people doing 5k in 20 minutes or whatever! But the main thing is, I felt dead on. I could have gone further. A big difference from Monday!

Running on the road is great, but it is amazing the amount of traffic on the Camlough Road! I sometimes feel like a bit of a douche, because you know rightly there are people in the cars who know you; and I don’t particularly want to be seen in public sweating like a tramp. If you spent time thinking about stuff like that you’d never do anything though, so best to tune out. I also wish to apologise to anyone in said cars who have seen me blowing my nose into my sleeves, for some reason my nose runs as soon as I get above 1mph. It’s very rank, and I try to carry tissues but to be honest, if I took the amount I needed, I’d be like a fucking Andrex puppy. I can’t do the oul ‘close one nostril and blow into the wind’ thing, it would just end up all over my face, so the sleeves will have to do for now. Sexy!

Finally! The doctor…. I’m not a regular attendee of the doc, so I tend to stockpile ailments and then get everything sorted in one go. A month or so ago, I was getting into the running thing and after one slightly hilly expedition, my foot felt sore the next day. By foot, I mean the top of my foot. I didn’t pass a great deal of remarks at first, but as the day progressed it got more painful – I assumed it was a bruise. When I got I home, I de-shoed and had a gander. There was a big fecking lump on the top of my foot! Naturally, I hopped onto Google to see what the story could be. I sifted through a load of shitty forums, most of which seem to degenerate into high brow bitch fights by the way, and found a ream of qualms which my foot could be suffering from. Extensor tendinitis seemed the most likely explanation, so I hit the ibuprofen and got myself some Voltarol gel, I also re-laced my trainers to avoid further irritation. On Thursday however, my doctor confirmed I do indeed have tendinitis. FFS! One month into marathon training, and I have an injury! Is it wrong that it feels like a Blue Peter badge? It makes me sound like a proper athlete! I shall continue with the gel and await my physio appointment. Like a boss.

Sorry for the slightly boring narrative today, I have no intention of giving an individual summary of each run I do in future, but it was the first week (as such) so I thought I’d be thorough.

Don’t forget to have a gander at the JustGiving page! Oh, and if tales of marathons etc are your thing, have a wee look at – another Northern Ireland runner who has a great sense of humour and writing style! He did the Belfast Marathon on Monday and has posted a quirky and amusing summary on his blog. Give him a shout.


2 thoughts on “Love me Tendon…

  1. Love this post- it’s almost like your writing about me- i have also been know to wipe my snotters on my sleeve. it’s great reading about a runner at a similar stage to where I’m at- it can be soul destroying reading about all these people and their short easy 6 mile runs when the one time I ran six miles I boked.

    Hope your training goes well- I’m committed to doing the Waterside Half Marathon on the 9th Sept. not exactly New York but it’ll do for starters 🙂

    • Here I’m only doing New York cos its a couple of weeks before my dreaded 30th, plus I can’t complain that there’ll be nothing to see along the route to keep me amused!

      Thanks for reading and commenting by the way! I’m trying to get into the swing of this blogging craic, so much to learn!

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