Popping the Event Cherry

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What a vision of athleticism! This is me, posing with my shiny medal having completed the Lord Mayors charity 5k in Newry on Thursday evening. This was my first ever proper event, and despite my initial concern of feeling like a douchebag, it actually went ok! I knew a lot of people there, and I think most of them were a bit bewildered by my attendance – given that the last time they saw me I was the size of a small shed. It was actually funny, and quite nice, because you could see the realisation dawning on them as I was running (ish) towards them.

Is that the girl who used to work in The Bank? No, it couldn’t be. Houl on…….. Christ maybe it is her. She must have lost weight, that’s right, somebody told me she had a gastric band, Jesus it is her” – KEEP HER GOING, GOOD WOMAN, FAIR PLAY!

This is how I imagined their thoughts when they saw me! Am I being conceited in thinking this? No. Newry people love to know your business and love a bit of news, I am guilty of this also! So, back to the race! Now, when I found out the route I must admit, I was a bit perturbed. The main event was 10k, with a handful of special cases like me doing the 5k option, all following the same route. Get this for mental arithmetic: three times around the route was 10k, and twice around it was 5k. Stunning logic there! There wasn’t a big pile I could do about this, so I jogged on, literally. Now. Lesson learned. I have come to realise in my training that if I walk the first mile of my planned distance, that gives me enough time to acclimatise to what I’m at, and I can run more consistently thereafter. When we took off at the start line, there was no way I was doing that! I trotted off at a slow jog immediately, I didn’t want to be walking past the few spectators there were like an oul doll! But it wasn’t the best idea, I was feeling ropey after five minutes, and of course then the negative thoughts came flooding……

I considered dropping out after one lap, but a bit of applause and a few looks of recognition and congratulations from familiar faces in the crowd, and I felt better. I stuck at it and finished. THIRD LAST. But I didn’t give a fuck. The memories of battling the other fat girl in PE at school are fading fast. I have moved from second last – to third last, that’s progress. As for my time, I wasn’t too concerned, especially given the extended route! Nike Plus informed me that I had actually covered 7k, not 5k as I had planned. So that’s my longest run to date and I did it in 53 mins – doesn’t sound great does it?! Having said that, Nike Plus had been set for a 5k workout and recorded my time as 36 mins for it – that’s my fastest 5k to date. Maybe starting off jogging is the way to go after all.

I shall be running again today, a proper 5k, to bring my mileage for the week up to 14. Plans are being made for a 10k in June….. And angryjogger mentioned something about Juneathon….. Running and blogging every day in June. I am intrigued by the idea, but don’t know if my legs could cope! Or should I quit yapping and just suck it up? Opinions welcome.



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