My Left Foot

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The last time we spoke about marathon training, I had just popped my event cherry. Since then, I have struggled to match the dizzy heights of my 36 minute 5k, but have been running/exercising consistently. The main exercise passion killer at the minute is the weather! Now I know I have yapped in the past about hailstones etc, but a happy medium wouldn’t go amiss! I got utterly scorched on Thursday morning, having intended to do a 6k; but I limped back into the house after three and a half as I was melting along with the tar on the road. Very sweaty and unpleasant. I’m guessing running in the sun wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to have so many supporting garments on me. I have a shocking wobbly belly (a fair part of which is loose skin), and if it isn’t kept under control it starts to hurt after a bit of running. Same goes for the back fat and love handles. So it goes, wonderpants (M&S), support vest, capris pulled up to my cervix, and then a top over that. You can see why it’s a sweaty affair. I could do without the top easily, especially when the weather is like that, but I can’t bear the thought of getting my bingo wings out totally in public. It’s not so bad in the gym, where I have retreated since the sun put its hat on, but really not for public highway consumption.

I have to say, one thing that I’m really pissed off at myself about is the state I’ve left my body in. The flab, the loose skin, the fact that I’m not even 30 and I’m talking about bingo wings. Remarkably, my obesity had no real effect on my actual health. At my top weight of 21 stone I had perfect blood pressure, and my cholesterol was low. No sign of any threatening diabetes either. Perfectly healthy, just too fat. So whilst I managed to dodge a bullet healthwise, I am suffering the after effects physically/aesthetically. I should learn not to care, but when I see rogue bits of fat and skin in the corner of my eye whilst running, it makes me feel like shit.

Anyway, the gym is a cool and pleasant haven when it’s too hot for outdoor activity. It does have some pitfalls too though, mainly the treadmill. One mile on the treadmill feels like three out on the road. For some reason it takes a shocking toll on my shins, and each run feels like its my first. Having said that, there are cross trainers and bikes to play with, so no excuse for losing out on cardio. Plus I’ve started doing some weights again to keep the fire burning. God forgive me, but I’ll be glad when the temperature drops a bit so I can get back out on the tarmac again. It has struck me that it’s all very good being able to do 5/6/7k, but it’s time to get upping the mileage. This point has been hammered home by a few running Nazis I’ve come across this last while – what’s the story with that?! I’m starting to get cheesed off with know-it-alls who run a 10k and suddenly feel qualified to dispense advice on distance running; what to do, what not to do etc. It’s very unattractive. I don’t go around telling fat people what to eat! It’s manners to wait until you’re asked for advice before you dispense it! Rant over. I could go on.

One way of upping the miles is approaching me soon in the form of Juneathon 2012. Suggested to me by, you basically have to run (or exercise) every day in June, blog about it every day, and log your runs at Running Free. I’m so used to being a scaredy cat when it comes to committing to things that I usually say no, but in the spirit of renewal and all that shite, I decided to say yes and give it a go! It may be just the thing I need to truly infect myself with the running bug. If you’re even semi-interested, have a wee look at for the info. Given that I’ve signed up for this, I’m figuring it might make sense to give it a bit of structure by starting to follow a running plan. Long story short, I have enlisted the help of the App Store and am using Run Coach Pro to get me to 10k standard by the end of June. As luck would have it, 30th of June is a Saturday, so really no excuses for not being able to fit it in! The plan includes rest days, so keeping to the rules of Juneathon, these will be spent in the gym crosstraining, or in my living room doing a Jillian Michaels Workout DVD (Ripped in 30 in case you were wondering). That bitch is crazy. So apologies in advance for what will be a full month of daily marathon training blog entries, I will keep them brief, unless something ridiculous happens that needs to be fully discussed.

I know the title of this post is My Left Foot, and I have made no reference to it, but feet aren’t really my kinda thing. However, my left foot is a train wreck at the minute. My tendonitis is still a factor to be considered on an almost daily basis, especially in terms of lacing shoes etc. Not only that, but there’s some weirdness going on with my toes as well. I think it’s because my left foot is bigger than my right, and there’s a bit of overcrowding on the go in that shoe. Anyway, my right foot is fine, all icky problems seem to be confined to My Left Foot. Like the antithesis to the Christy Brown thing. I don’t really know where this thread is going, so I shall cut it now.

I’m away to the gym. Later!


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  1. I’ve signed up for the Juneathon as well. At the moment I’m lucky if I manage to get myself out of the house for a run twice a week. I won’t know what’s hit me.

    Best of luck with it all. Hope your foot feels better soon.

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