T’Was the night before Juneathon…..


….and all through the house, the participant was shitting herself. I am no poet.

Anyway! A fairly lazy day today, my last day of relaxation before 30 straight days of activity! I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but I know it’ll be a good thing. The last thirty-ish days of exercising every other day is finally having a positive effect on my body and has allowed me to play fast and loose with the oul diet (without gaining a shitload of weight); so, in theory, I should be lighter at the end of the month! Please God. Speaking of which, hope my Douchebag Jesus picture above hasn’t offended any of you. So, I shall sign off now. I will get my blog on again tomorrow, as per the Juneathon rules. See you then!



3 thoughts on “T’Was the night before Juneathon…..

      • Not too bad. I’m attempting to increase my speed so that I can run faster than I can walk! I’m following one of those C25k programs but replacing the walking with jogging and the jogging with running.

        The weather was lovely and the Jubilee decorations on people’s houses provided a bit of interest.

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