Juneathon Day Two

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Quite fecking pleased with today’s run! I set out quite late for me, after a full day of wandering around Belfast – eating my way around the Continental Market and George’s Market – so I wasn’t massively fussed on heading out. But!! I bought myself a new top today and it needed an airing. Oh my dear God in heaven, best purchase EVER! Purchase came courtesy of Trespass, yes, Trespass. Not my usual pick of running top, but it has three pockets at the back….. Big enough for hankies and an iPhone!

The iPhone has been a source of much necessary irritation to me since I started running – I need it with me for tunes and for the Nike Plus doodah, but where the fuck do you put it?! Running gear is not usually pocket friendly, and if you do get one in capris or tops, it’s usually only big enough for a key or a rape alarm (depending on how paranoid/ambitious you are). So the other option is to wear a jacket or gilet with pockets – sweatfest. Final option? iPod armband thing. Great job in theory, but because of my horrendous loose skin in the upper arm area (see pic below), I end up threading my skin though the band too, which is sore and infuriating. You can see why I despair.

So off I went this evening, with a hanky in each of the smaller pockets, and the iPhone in the larger one. The top is slightly thicker than a normal running one, but there’s a zippy bit at the front for a bit of air. I didn’t have to worry once about the phone jumping out, and the hankies meant I didn’t have to snot on my hands and rub them over my head or torso – attractiveness levels increased tenfold….. Don’t think I’d need the rape alarm just yet though. Ha. So buoyed as I was by my comfy gear, I stepped out of my comfort zone of familiar runs and took a new route. One that involved a very very steep hill and at least four churches/chapels. But it was good! And a decent time too, especially given the hill. Though I fear my dicky tendon may not thank me tomorrow for the incline….

All in all, a positive day two. A trip to the gym tomorrow to squeeze in as many weights as possible, given it will be closed on Monday and Tuesday because of this fecking Jubilee carry on. I don’t begrudge the Queen an oul party, but it interferes with my training. Having said that, the local Womens Institute will be flat out making traybakes. More traybakes = more love for the monarchy.

Check out my new shirt and my old flabby arms. And my kitchen and my kitty cat.





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