Juneathon Day Four

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Sigh. After the wonderfulness of Saturday, I had intended to go for a three miler or more this evening. My strategy for Juneathon is to alternate between a disco run plus weights on one day, with a longer run the next – hopefully increasing the distance of the longer ones as the month goes on. Guess I may re evaluate my strategy! I wasn’t fit to scratch my arse this evening. Legs and arms were feeling tired, and there was just a general lethargy; even though I was looking forward to the run itself. So I decided to suck it up and just do a shorter, faster run. And as punishment, I did ten sit ups when I got back.

So why did I have a shite run today, but a great one on Saturday? I went at the same time, had the same outfit and playlist, had a good breakfast this morning etc etc… One thing has changed though. I got a haircut. The Prisoner Cell Block H look was irritating me, so I got a decent trim today. Could it be that my powers lie within the shimmering strands of blessed ginger? Maybe the longer it gets, the more competent my athleticism? If I thought it would enhance my running, I would grow it happily; but I invariably would end up with a mullet, which would just be offensive.

Hey ho, another day another run.


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