Smash Pizza – Syn Free!


Another recipe post, this time with pictures! Hopefully these will make things a little easier to follow. This is my recipe for Potato Pizza! Not remotely rank as it sounds, it’s an invaluable alternative to a slice of takeaway heaven… Now obviously it’s not going to taste like Pizza Hut or Dominos. You can’t replicate a fatty, MSG laden product without using fat or MSG, but you can create a relatively authentic Italian style pizza – without using any syns whatsoever (if you’re a Slimming Worlder).

You will need:

Instant potato – own brand is best for some reason!
Chopped tomatoes
Herbes de provence
Black pepper
Grated mozzarella (42g per person)
Fresh basil leaves

Toppings! You can throw anything you like on top – cooked chicken, ham, trimmed back bacon bits, peppers, mushroom, onions, sweetcorn (if you’re a tramp), pineapple, chillies, etc etc

The toppings bit is easy. Let’s drop the base. Get it? Ha……

Step One:


Make the instant mash according to the instructions on the packet, its a good idea to use a little less water than is called for – you don’t want a watery mix, you want something quite solid and as non-sticky as possible.

Step Two:

When you have this consistency down, season the mix well with salt and black pepper. Add the herbes de Provence a little at a time til you get a strong, but not overwhelming, ‘Italiany’ flavour. If you can’t get/don’t have these, dried oregano will do the trick


Step Three:


Leave the mash to chill out for a while, literally; as it will be too hot to work with. Whilst its cooling, throw your chopped tomatoes and garlic into a saucepan with some salt, pepper and more herbs. In this instance, I have used Sainsbos Chopped Tomato with basil and oregano – just for a bit more oomph. Garlic wise, fresh is best, but there’s nothing wrong with frozen. Be liberal with it, God knows the Italians are. Let this wee mix bubble away and reduce down a bit. This will be your tomato sauce to spread over the base.

Step Four:

Spray Frylight onto either some grease proof paper, or a silicone sheet thingy. Then, spray your hands with a little Frylight and use them to coup out the potato mix onto the sheet like so:


Proceed to smack the little pile of goodness out into whatever shape you desire, try and get it as thin as possible. This is messy and time consuming, especially on the first go. In fact, at this stage you’ll wonder why you bothered. Work through this despair. In this evenings case, I went for a rectangle


Now. Step Five.

Get this baby into the oven. Anything around 180/200 is grand, just keep an eye on it. If the oven is too hot, the top of the pizza base will cook really quick and it’ll puff up and crack/burn. Keep the heat slow and steady, almost as if you were trying to dry it out. Given there’s quite a bit of moisture in the mix, open the oven door every so often to let steam out.

When the top starts to feel firm and is starting to change colour, you may want to flip the base over. Do this carefully and at your own risk! It is a fragile thing. When the base starts to crisp up around the edges, turn the heat down a bit and get your toppings ready.

Step six:

Take the base out when you feel its crisp enough for you, and spread over the nicely reduced tomato and herby sauce. Be generous, but take care not to turn the whole thing into a wet mess. Throw on your toppings, throw on the cheese, throw into oven for another five/ten minutes. Bingo.


Job done. This is a difficult recipe, in that it’s time consuming and it’s easy to muck it up. Do not despair! After the first time is out of the way, it gets easier! You’ll develop your own method in time. If you count the cheese as your healthy extra A for the day, you can have yourself a totally syn free pizza experience! Just make sure to use the herbs and the garlic, without them it’ll taste like utter crap and you’ll want me dead.

Serve with a big salad and plenty of these bad boys….


The infamous Slimming World chips. You already know how to make them! This is very much a weekend dish, due to the time factor, so don’t attempt this some weekday evening and then berate me because you didn’t get sitting down to it til after midnight. You have been warned!

Hope this makes sense, I’m tired!



4 thoughts on “Smash Pizza – Syn Free!

  1. Must give this a go. I have a packet of instant mash that I use for some Nigella Express potato pancake recipe that I’ll never get through unless I start using it for something else as well.

    And I do love pizza so there’s that as well.

  2. worked great as a syn free hangover treat. Making the base crispy enough does take time but well worth it. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Do you think I coud be done with propper mashed potatoe? Cos I made it and couldn’t stand “smash” was awful,but the idea was great and the rest tasted mmm! X

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