Juneathon Day Thirteen


Unlucky for some? Yes and no. Lucky in that I went for a run, a long run – my longest run in fact! A 9k run to be exact, though to be more accurate I would say it was an 8k run with a kilometre plod attached. The unlucky part is I felt like I’d been hit by a bus! A bus full of fat people travelling at 100mph.

I think I knew halfway in that I was pretty much goosed, but it made no odds in terms of distance to the finish for me to turn round; so I figured I’d just keep going. My legs were the problem – my thighs were burning and they just felt like lead. After 5k I paused my Nike Plus and shook my legs about to loosen things up, a very attractive sight I can assure you. I couldn’t avoid the inevitable any longer, so I restarted. My shaking about hadn’t improved things, and there was a lot more walking than running done; which was a bit irritating. Hey ho, still, I made it home intact. The last kilometre was a fairly slow walk, but I didn’t care. The 8k I had completed was a minute faster than last weeks 8k – progress, albeit painful.

I don’t fancy running tomorrow, I shall perhaps cycle / crosstrainer it in the gym instead. My legs may actually explode.


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day Thirteen

  1. I did a half marathon in the spring and training for that there were definitely some runs that were just impossible. The funny (oh, how I laughed and laughed, and laid down and wept) thing was the next time I went out to run again it was much easier. I think the sequence was Ok run, Disaster run, Grand run.

    And well done you for sticking out the distance. That’s where the progress comes from.

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