Life After Slimming World


It’s been a whole 42 days since I left Slimming World. This is the longest I’ve been away from it for over three years, and I must admit, it feels a little strange. I am still following the plan and using everything I’ve learned to keep myself right, but without the structure of the weekly weigh in, I feel like it would be so easy to drift……but I’m not going to, don’t worry. Life after Slimming World is not going to be anything like life before it. Though I enjoyed that at the time! All in all, I’d say I’ve gained seven pounds since my last weigh in on May 3rd. Given I can quite easily put a half stone on in a weekend, that’s not too bad! Basically, I’ve been following the plan during the week, then eating what I want at weekends. Plus I’ve been running like a mad thing and I started lifting weights again at the gym.


As a wee aside for a minute, regarding the whole ‘muscle weighs more than fat’ thing. I remember way back at the start of SW, I had my first ‘lose nothing’ week. I was so disappointed, I had stuck to plan and had been to the gym at least four times in the week; not only that, but I felt trimmer as well. The lady reading the scales obviously also read my face – a mixture of anger, shock, and overly-dramatic devastation – and reassured me “You’re alright pet, you’re just putting on a bit of muscle”. Now my initial reaction was to throw a strop and tell her she didn’t know what she was talking about, that the world was against me and that life wasn’t fair and that I hated myself, but I felt the sight of a giant 26 year old queer having a tantrum would be counterproductive. I nodded gratefully and headed home (via Dominos, obviously).

So is she right? Can ramping up the gym work actually make you ‘gain weight’? The logical part of my brain says no. A tonne of feathers weighs the same as a tonne of stones after all. But still, I spent three years at this losing weight carry on, and I know that the weeks where I worked harder, or at least more consistently, at the gym – I wouldn’t lose any weight, even when sticking rigidly to plan. So much so in fact, there were times I was approaching mini targets and I’d not do any exercise at all to ‘speed up’ my reaching the target, and it would work! I’d lose a good 1 – 2 pounds more after a week of sticking to plan and lounging on the sofa. Then I see photos like this:


and I don’t know what to think! I’d be eager to hear other people’s views on this.


Knowing my body and the way it works, my little spike in weight could very well be because of the exercise I’m doing. In May, I had started into the marathon training and had returned to the gym, basically exercising every other day. Now with the advent of Juneathon, I am exercising every day (with two exceptions due to my dicky tendon). All this exercise is great, but it has a disastrous side effect….. I am constantly starving. I wake up hungry, go to bed hungry, it’s unrelenting. Now I always had a huge appetite, understatement of the year that! But this is something else. Another change is that, up until May, I was following the Original plan. For the unfamiliar, this is high protein and limited carbs. It is an incredibly effective, but very intense, Slimming World plan. I stuck to it for about a year and a half, because the results with it are so good. It’s hard to sustain though, the meal options are more limited than with Extra Easy, but I became addicted to the results and persevered – a great decision, but also a bad decision, as it left me fearing potatoes and pasta and all the lovely normal things I had been eating since I joined! A few times I had decided to take a break from the all meat plan and go back to Extra Easy, but this gave a wee bump up in weight, followed by a seemingly slow loss after this. It’s good to shock your body every so often, but the slow down in losses felt like failure to me, so I’d revert back to the Original plan. Mentally, this was a tad unhealthy, and was another factor in my leaving SW in May. I am currently following the Extra Easy plan again, and the return to baked potatoes and SW chips is more glorious than I can describe.

I may also be treating myself a little too much. Instead of having one day a week where I eat what I want, that’s turning into two…or sometimes three. I know that’s not a good idea, and if it wasn’t for my metabolism running higher than usual, it would be the beginning of the end! There’s a wee voice in my head saying “Just eat it! Sure you’ll run it off tomorrow! Or do a red day tomorrow, it’ll be dead on. You’re going to be running a marathon soon, you can eat what you want and it’ll burn off in no time!” Sometimes that voice speaks an awful lot of sense! Show me a regular runner, putting in consistent high miles, who is fat. There aren’t too many. But at the same time, I have no cut off point when it comes to cakes, biscuits, and sweets – so I shouldn’t be tempting fate really. I have a feeling I will be obsessed about my weight forever, it’s exhausting. But at least I know I can always undo any damage done with a solid return to the Slimming World plan. Other plans are available by the way!

Anyway, my day of not tempting fate is beginning with Weetabix and raspberries, so I shall bid you cheerio. Hopefully I stay clear of the pies today.


4 thoughts on “Life After Slimming World

  1. It’s rough to avoid the hunger when it calls, especially as you’re just coming off plan. Are you tracking what you take in? It might help reinforce you psychologically to keep the hunger monsters at bay.

    • I think those monsters are destined to remain forever! Not writing anything down, but you’re right – keeping a record does help. I think my ‘schools out’ attitude to leaving SW is waning, a bit of structure would be good.

  2. Lianne, firstly u really are an inspiration & well done on everything u’ve achieved! I bought & read ‘run fat bitch, run’ which is very good tips wise. I find I need to up my carb intake when exercising too but should be wholegrains etc & not refined cakes etc lol Of course 5lbs feathers/lead weighs the same but I think the diff is density – also, the more muscle u hav the more fat u burn so they say!! I also found my poor body held on weight wise but pple commented on how ‘narrow’ I’d become around my sholders, back etc so obv I lost inches & was mad I didnt measure at the beginning. I stopped WW last Nov thinking I knew it all but stopped following the plan, treated myself 2/3 times a wk, then got to every day so…. needless to say gained bk nearly 2st!!!!! Back at WW (online) 2wks and going to plan so far. Really want to run but stupid chest infection has stopped me wk 2! Back to the beginning next wk so any tips from ur expert self??
    And Lianne, a 26 queer having a tantrum wudve been a fantastic stereotype to fulfil!!! 😉

    • As if I’d ever embrace stereotype! You’re right in what you say about becoming narrower, body shape is definitely changing all the time. It’s hard to stop thinking of progress in terms of numbers though, I guess I should really throw the scales away! Fair play to you for succeeding with WW, I had a look at the online plan last week but I felt it was too restrictive for my giant appetite. I really can pack it away like. Typical McCooey! I can offer no tips except to clear your diary for the first two weeks – nothing as bad as meeting up with friends (especially skinny ones) and either having a binge and ballsing it up, or being very good whilst out and feeling like you’re denying yourself. On that note, I’m away for a run. Or walk a bit, run a bit as it should be called. Have a feeling the heavens will open as soon as I get out!

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