Juneathon Day 21

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A slow and easy bit of walking on the treadmill – two miles in just over 30 mins. Super slow! I didn’t mind though, I wanted to keep my ticker ticking over, but still wanted to give my legs a little TLC after yesterday’s 10k. Having said that, they’re not nearly as sore as I thought they would be; and the tendon is only mildly inflamed compared to last week. Progress indeed.

Still starving though!


One thought on “Juneathon Day 21

  1. I think that’s the trouble with exercise – it makes me want to eat everything in the house.

    This satiety stuff looks interesting (http://blog.massivehealth.com/post/19358238102/are-bananas-really-as-bad-for-you-as-cookies).

    Now all I need to do is think up a recipe that involves oranges, potatoes and fish. Actually, that might not be too bad.http://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/crisp-skinned-halibut-with-pancetta-potatoes-and-blood-orange-salad

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