Juneathon Day 22


I went out quite late this evening, around half eight or so, I was feeling bad because the food gremlins were leading me astray today, so I knew just a few weights in the living room wouldn’t cut it as my Juneathon! Feeling ok as I went out, I decided to do a three and a half mile loop I’ve done a couple of times before, and one that I would previously considered as being my long run. Like I said yesterday, progress. I also felt I needed to punish myself for the cookies and toffees I snaffled earlier. Gah.

The run was fairly pleasant, and given it comes on the back of respectable mileage (for me) at the start of the week, I was happy enough with the time. I can definitely feel my legs at the minute though, but I guess that means my body is starting to adapt. I’d like to think so too! I’d like to see a bit of weightloss though, but being liberal with the SW plan doesn’t help. As we jog into the final seven days of Juneathon, I will be sticking to the Extra Easy and Original plans like shit to a blanket. I’d love to be ‘in the elevens’ on July 1st, but I think that might be ambitious. I wish I could forget about the numbers, but I can’t. I also can’t forget about my pie lust. Oh well, a week long back to basics will definitely help matters – and give me incentive to stick up a few recipes too.

Incidentally fellow runners – are your local runs/the ones you do most often flat or hilly? It seems that no matter what direction I set out in from my front door, I am plagued by gradients! But maybe this is a good thing? Opinions!


3 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 22

  1. A good thing. We’re plagued with flatness here. Which seems like a good thing until I run anywhere else. I reckon 3 miles at my mum’s next to the mountains is worth 6 miles of pancake flatness here.

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