Juneathon Days 23&24

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I am getting fed up of Juneathon now. This incessant blogging is irritating and it makes my blog look like a borefest. Gah. Yesterday I didn’t run at all – some unidentified creature/creatures bit me on the leg at least five times at some point on Friday night (I’m blaming something the cat dragged in), so I spent all day Saturday and today doped up on anti histamines which make me drowsy as feck.

So yesterday was a fail. Apart from kettlebells. Today, I felt guilty so I went out late on for a run just shy of 4 miles. I
didn’t enjoy it. The sun was blinding so I took a different route to avoid it, and ended up running on unfamiliar roads which were rape-worthy to say the least. I shall not be returning!

Roll on July.


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