Juneathon Day 25

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Blogging fatigue indeed! General fatigue to be honest, I feel like crap this week. I’m constantly tired and my sore back from the Days of Fat seems to have returned…. Because of this, I decided yesterday not to run and instead I spent some time on the bike in the gym. I have to say, it’s fairly boring! Plus I feel bad for not running, but I know it’s best to listen to my body. I also spent a bit of time doing the rounds in the sausagefest that is the weights section, as I have been neglecting it whilst trying to up my miles on the road. My aches and pains concern me, as I have quite a way to go and more miles to cover to get ready for New York. Or perhaps I just need a proper rest day or two. All this exercise is shocking my system!

Today’s plans for Juneathon are unknown. I want to run outside so I’ll feel like I’ve achieved something, but I don’t want to wreck myself either. Feeling like a fat hoor is not helping any of these decisions. Oh to be fat and happy!!


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