The Final Two Days of Juneathon in one handy post

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Day 29: The grumpy hat was well and truly on yesterday. That strange familiar feeling of tonsillitis and/or hay fever was descending on me, and I felt utterly rubbish. My entire head was itchy, sore throat, just feeling like general shite. So I did nothing. I didn’t even lift the kettlebell. After work, I took myself off to bed early in preparation for the final day.

Day 30: The Final Day

I woke up feeling slightly less shitty than when I went to bed, so I decided to capitalise on whatever spark of enthusiasm I had and I got up to go for my last run of the month. When I started Juneathon, I had it in my head that I would build up my runs, culminating in running my first 10k on the last day. I already achieved this on Day 20, but I figured I’d do a 10k anyway, as it was the grand plan. I set out and altered my previous 10k route, thinking this would actually take me over that mark – how wrong was I?! It seems I took my supposed local knowledge for granted! What felt like a longer route actually wasn’t. So I ran just short of a 10k, a 5.75 miler. Balls.

My time was pants, possibly due to my restricted respiratory function, the hills involved in my alternative route, and possibly due to this being my first attempt at an empty stomach run. I was led to believe this was a good idea? Maybe not! Anyway, best not to dwell. Juneathon is done. I have covered 75 miles since the first day, which sounds good, but is feeble in comparison to some of the other Juneathoners who are up in triple figures! Fair play to everyone who took part. I suppose I enjoyed it, but the blogging element was becoming a serious chore towards the end! On the bright side, I can now run 10k. I can do a 5k in under 35 minutes. I can feel my body starting to ‘tighten up’ – no rude jokes please. I haven’t lost any weight though, and my measurements are largely the same as they were at the beginning; aside from one or two very minor decreases. A lot can happen in a month, but hopefully more happens in the next four! I read somewhere that ‘a marathon is the celebration of the end of your training’ – I paraphrase. Hopefully the celebration in New York will be deserved. If I can keep myself injury free, I’d say I’ll be ok. I’m in the habit now, so I shall let it consume me as responsibly as I can.

Speaking of habits, no more cigs as of tomorrow. I only smoke around three a day, but three less than that can only help me. Fingers crossed.

Juneathon BEGONE!

P.S. thanks to everyone who read my blog, and followed me on Twitter.


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