Life After Juneathon!


I have to say, Juneathon really was a pain in the arse. The thought of blogging really had started to make me feel ill, hence my not posting in almost six days. Better get back to business!

I awarded myself three days off any form of exercise at the start of the month, as I was pretty knackered after the exertions of June. That, and my hay fever had progressed into a chest infection, so I was feeling pretty lousy in general. I got myself back into the gym yesterday for a 5k on the crosstrainer and a wee disco mile on the treadmill to test out my new toy – an iPod nano! I decided to get myself one as it means I’m not as reliant on having pockets in my outfits to house an iPhone, I can simply clip the teeny-tiny noise box to my vest/keks and jog on. It also means I don’t have to have a pair of Nike+ trainers as the new Nano doesn’t need a chip to collect the info. Having said that, I’m quite happy with my Nike Pegasus 28s, they’re comfy and snazzy so that’s good enough for me! I have no idea how the bloody thing manages to gather the info accurately, but it does – I even sent the other half away yesterday evening with it to test it again on a known distance. It was spot on. Well worth the money but, knowing me, I’ll find something wrong with it once I start using it regularly!

Like I said in my last post, Juneathon had bugger all effect on my weight. During the last week of it, I stuck religiously to the Slimming World plan and I still lost nothing. On Saturday and Sunday, I went pie CRAZY! It was epic. But on Monday morning, I almost fell out of my pantaloons when I stood on the scales…..I was 12st 13. Holy Jesus. I was six pounds over what I now consider to be the upper limit of acceptable splurging. Rather than mope and wail, I decided to join Slimming World online! It’s not something I’ve ever done before, and I had toyed with it in the past, so I just went for it. I shall weigh myself again on Monday coming, and please God I will be lighter by then. Actually, I kinda know I will be, as I’ve been ‘sneak weighing’ myself already! Need to knock that one on the head though, it can lead to obsessive behaviour. Anyway, going back to basics and keeping a food diary has been very useful. Also, having access to a full database of syn values etc has been extremely enlightening! Despite my sterling advice in a previous post about guesswork and being complacent, I discovered that the hot and spicy chicken I have been enjoying freely from Sainsburys actually has one syn! I know one syn isn’t a big thing, but it’s things like this that can add up. Whoops. Even after three years of Slimming World, I still don’t know everything. Nobody does! Which is why I grow weary of the pedantic know-it-alls on SW Facebook pages and weight loss forums who dictate often incorrect information to other users. A closed mouth gathers no feet!

In other news, I spent the early part of this morning being gripped tightly by a bearded man! His touch was firm but never rough, leaving me exhausted but wanting more…….. Fifty Shades of LIES! I went to see an osteopath. Much less scintillating than soft porn for menopausal women. Having being troubled with lower back pain in ‘the fat years’, I went to see a very nice man called Dr Richard Rebain. He diagnosed me with a misaligned pelvis! He reckoned I had had a fall or a heavy knock as a child, thus giving me a jaunty pelvis. Upon reflection, I remembered I had been in a car accident in primary school; but because there was no blood and nothing broken, nobody went to hospital. Perhaps this was my ‘heavy knock’. Anyway, a couple of swift manipulations later and I was right as rain! Seven years later, nine stone lighter, 10k runs – sore back again! Boooooo! Until I’m kosher in the joints department, I will be sticking to no/low impact exercise.

So that’s all the craic for now. I’m fat and sore, but back to basics again. Hopefully by Monday I will be thin and pain-free! Here’s hoping!


3 thoughts on “Life After Juneathon!

  1. I’ve been putting on weight too recently or at least not losing it as I should be with all the running.

    Main thing is to forget what all the experts say and try to scoff a bit less and run a bit more. I’m trying to take my own advice for once too!

  2. I’ve been using the Weight Watchers online thingy and it is much easier than faffing around trying to guess where things are in the books. Hope the SW website is as useful (I would imagine it is).

  3. I hope your back feels better soon. Having a hurt back is miserable.

    I’m interested in the Nano. I’ve been carrying my iPhone to track my training runs, but it does become tedious to have to either hold it or find somewhere safe to stick it during the run. Is the clip on it really strong enough to keep it from bouncing off?

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