What a Difference a Week Makes

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Wahey! When we spoke last, I had freshly joined Slimming World online – due to standing on the scales and suffering a mild stroke when I saw my weight creep perilously close to thirteen stone. Yesterday, I weighed in at 12st 6.5lb, a loss of six and a half pounds! That’s the great thing about Slimming World: it works. If you spend a little time reading (in my case, re-reading) the plan, keeping a record of what you eat and generally planning ahead, the results will come. I set myself a target of 11 stone 2 pounds, so I still have a bit to go. Almost 19 pounds in fact, which seems small in comparison to my total loss, but I know is going to be difficult. Particularly as I still can’t control myself on ‘days off’. It’s a well known fact that after weighing in, most people have a treat – its a running joke! How do you celebrate a loss/commiserate a gain? Head for the nearest takeaway! I know I did it, every week without fail. I was able to eat whatever I wanted, without exception, after weigh in and the next day I’d return to plan. More often than not, I’d still have a good result the next week and the cycle continued. The wreckless abandon with which food was embraced on that day really was a sight to behold! These days, the wreckless abandon is still there, but I know it has a greater effect on my loss in the coming days…… I find it hard to truly let go and enjoy the food I eat. I still am of the mindset that the ‘day off’ is just that – a day. So my instinct is cram as much in as possible, blind to the fact that my next day off is only a week away. ‘Naughty food’ will always be naughty to me, and I can’t behave rationally around it! I want to steal it and lock myself in a dark room full of soft furnishing to eat it. Eat it all! One day at a time McCooey….one day at a time.

So to those of you who get an attack of the guilts for having a post weigh-in splurge, don’t! Enjoy it. And when you’re done enjoying it, stand back and look at the empty packaging and laugh! You have the whole week to go, just be sure to get back on the horse – and stay on it – as soon as you put all those empty wrappers in the bin. Cos once they’re in the bin it’s like they never happened, right? Right. Keep calm and party on. What a difference a week makes.


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