Five Reasons I Love Running

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A short and snappy post for a change!

1. The smug sense of satisfaction afterwards.

Nothing beats strolling around town, basking in the warm afterglow of physical exercise; knowing that you’ve already done more in the last few hours than most people will do all day.

2. It makes you look like a hard bastard

Unless your running style is akin to Phoebe from Friends, you can be pretty sure that people watching you think you are a badass. Adopt the appropriate scowl and you’ll be positively frightening. Mere mortals will flee.

3. Semi guilt-free munching

There is less to fear from the allure of baked goods and general naughties when they are preceded by a run. Imagine your metabolism is like a waste disposal unit in your tummy – after a run, it obliterates the tasty treats faster before they make their way to your hips/arse/spare tyre!

4. Legitimate public expulsion of bodily fluids

Athletes care not for Kleenex. They are a sign of weakness. I am running, I am machine, a speed demon with no time for mucus etiquette! Now move! Before I spit in your eye and blow snot forcefully from an open nostril in your general direction. Like Wayne Rooney, with less finesse – but more hair.

5. I can purchase and wear sports clothing without being a chav

No explanation needed.



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