Super Saturday

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Guess where Bigfatmarathon is today? That’s right! Sitting in the Olympic Park, all set to watch Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah lift Gold in a couple of hours. The sheer scale of the Park and Village is Olympic in itself – I’m incredibly awed by the whole thing. England takes a bashing from all corners of the world for being bumbling, shambolic and a poor cousin to the USA; Lord knows some of it is well deserved! Not on this occasion however.

Transportation has been efficient and well organised, and unbelievably clean. The Underground is practically shining. There are huge numbers of extra staff at Tube stations, and dotted around the City, who are there to help people with their journey. This is a pleasant change from previous visits to London! Despite being fairly well versed in London transport at this stage, there are some times where you need a point in the right direction; the staff on hand at the minute are all so genuinely friendly and sincere you really don’t feel like an idiot for asking them questions! Very approachable and well informed.

There’s an amazing vibe around Stratford and the Olympic Village. There are literally thousands upon thousands of people here, all shapes, sizes, colours, genders – its like a massive Benneton advert. Everyone’s in fantastic form and it’s a real pleasure to be here. I just watched the men’s 400m hurdles there – unbelievable roar around the park when the gun went off. Never experienced anything like that before. It’s like a hundred Take That concerts rolled into one!

I’m going to sign off for now, but might do another post later when Jessica Ennis is on. I really hope she wins – she deserves it. And she’s sexy.




One thought on “Super Saturday

  1. We took our kids to visit the Olympic Park during the week. Even without going to see any sport it was amazing. The Olympic volunteers deserve a medal – so many incredibly cheerful people. And as for the airport style security – if only airport security was as fast and helpful as that!

    Envy, envy, envy! I hope you had a great day. What an amazing medal haul!

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