Super Saturday Pt 2

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I did say I’d try and do another post during the games last night, but I spent all my time clapping and cheering – no time for blogging! It’s only now that I’ve woken up and read through my Twitter and Facebook timelines that I realise how immense last night was, and how incredibly lucky I was to be there. I’ve never been a big fan of athletics, but I have a new found respect for anyone who puts so much hard work and effort into their discipline. Maybe it’s because I too am an athlete now…….

That was clearly a joke. Anyway, I am now truly a sport spectator convert! The atmosphere in that park last night was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before; and it was impossible not to get involved. I have to say, the Brits really know how to support their own! The roars when Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah were even mentioned were enough to spur an army into battle, so you can imagine the sounds when they crossed the line. Two unstoppable runs from two beloved competitors. I never saw myself getting this excited about sport in my life, much less sport involving British athletes – remember its very un-Irish to support anything draped with a Union Jack!


The sight of Jessica Ennis draped in a Union Jack inspired all sorts of support from me let me tell you! She really is a great looking girl, and that stomach is disgustingly fantastic. Im really glad she won, I dread to think how the press would have reacted if she hadn’t. Her face (and abs) are plastered everywhere around the city – she really is the poster girl for these Olympics.

From poster girl to poster boy, Mo Farah did the business in the 10000 metres too, with epic support from the stalls; especially for the last six laps. As he passed each side of the park, everyone took to their feet, clapping and yelling the guy to victory.


It’s hard to believe the crowd had any energy left after Ennis and Rutherford, who was quietly annihilating the rest of the guys in the long jump final. But they found some from somewhere, and every last ounce went on celebrating Farah’s win. Stunning.

It must be difficult for the competitors in the ‘smaller’ events which exist as a sideshow to the likes of the 100m, 400m etc – I felt a bit sorry for the ladies doing the discus, and the long jump guys; as they sometimes were forgotten about and great efforts were going unnoticed. Though if the discus girls were that offended they could probably just throw some of the officials around, or break them in half. Fair play to Rutherford though, he pulled off some great jumps, even if he took the final one in his stride a little.

All in all, a fantastic experience. Words can’t really do it justice, so here’s a few more pics. Wish i had taken a proper camera – iPhone can only do so much.





Standout photo of the day however is this one: the queue for McDonalds. More about that later!



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