Sweet Potato & Jalapeño Soup

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Hadn’t really intended doing another ‘recipe’ post, but a wee flash of inspiration during this evenings munchfest meant I had to share! That, and @lost_girl_found subtly requested! Happy to oblige, as this was actually the nicest soup I’ve enjoyed in ages – needless to say, it is syn free.

You will need:

4 medium sized carrots
4 large sweet potatoes
1 small onion
1 clove of garlic

1 vegetable stock cube
1 chicken stock cube

Ground cumin
Cracked black pepper

A hand blender

1. Peel the sweet potatoes and chop into cubes – this doesn’t need to be perfect, but keep the pieces roughly the same size. Chop the carrots into similar sized pieces, I didn’t bother peeling them. THUG LIFE.

2. Peel and roughly chop the onion, then squish the garlic clove and discard the skin.

3. Throw everything into a large saucepan, then barely cover the ingredients with freshly boiled water and heel in both the stock cubes.

4. Cover, then allow to bubble over a gentle heat until everything is pretty mushy looking. Doesn’t matter how long for, you can’t overcook this! Just don’t leave it uncovered and forget about it. I did this once, and I ended up with mushy veg and a burnt crust on the bottom of the pan. Ming.

5. When it’s time to dish up, get the blender out! Whizz the soup until its smooth – you’ll probably need to add more water at this stage to loosen it up. I like it quite thick, but if you don’t, just keep adding water bit by bit until you find your level. When the soup is totally smooth, add a touch of cumin and a good dash of the cracked black pepper. Remember, you can always add more; but you can’t take away! The best way to ruin a good soup is to overseason.

You should have something that resembles this:


I told you I like it thick!

6. Now for the magic. You may have noticed there was no mention of jalapeño in the ingredients list…. That’s because no jalapeños were hurt in the making of this post. I was going to throw some chilli powder into my bowl for a bit of excitement, but then I saw this:


This is jalapeño hot sauce! It’s exactly what it says – its made from jalapeños and it’s hot! Not incapacitating, but packs a great punch. I swirled a bit in. BOOM. It was a match made in heaven. The slightly salty tang of the sauce evened out the sweetness of the sweet potato, and the little bit of cilantro (coriander) in the sauce gave a wee Mexican hint, without making it too Old El Paso. So that’s the last step! As you’re about to dive in, swirl a bit of this bad boy in to the soup and you’ll be in El Chile heaven. Im taking the rest to work tomorrow!


That’s it all done! I hope you try it, and I hope you enjoy it like I did – with the raunchy abandon of a Mexican wench!

P.S. The sauce I used came from TK Maxx, randomly. It’s not to be confused with the habanero sauce of the same brand. It’s red, it’s angry, and it will explode you. You can get this sauce on eBay, and I’d imagine you can pick it up in larger Tesco/Asda stores. The sauce contains zero calories, fat, carbs and protein. Just to be a good girl, I entered these values into the Slimming World syn calculator and it came up as FREE on all plans. Imagine that! It’s a great alternative to ketchup, and it has become my new best syn free friend. I urge you to seek it out!


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