Just a quick update on the current state of affairs of late. All my talk of conspiracy theories and jalapeño soup has swayed me from my initial ramblings about training for a bloody marathon! Since we last talked about running, I have been plodding my way through a ‘conservative’ 16 week marathon training schedule. I came to the conclusion that my half assed approach to life in general wouldn’t cut it for the job at hand, so when the Other Half handed me this plan I figured it was time to nerd up and get on with it. I have to say, I’m being very well behaved in regards to it. I haven’t crapped out on the runs, and I’m just about to finish the fourth week. My longest long run to date has been a twelve miler, and I can honestly say I hated it! Just because I’m sticking to the plan doesn’t mean I’m enjoying it! I know they say practise makes perfect, but there is still a ridiculous sense of inconsistency with my running. Or should I say jogging? The only thing that has improved is my time spent not walking! I take fewer walk breaks now, and when I do, they are shorter than they used to be.

It’s amazing how quickly you adapt to the schedule though. When I get in from work in the evenings, I check the page and say to myself “sure it’s only a wee 4 miler today” – its only a few months ago that four miles would have been a longer run for me! So putting the miles up on a Sunday really gets things in perspective! I’m still ridiculously slow though. Even since I made the change from running fast/walking lots to running slow/walking less, I’m still only hovering around a twelve minute mile on the long runs. Not exactly Olympic standard. It’s particularly irritating when the Other Half is positively flying. Though I can still sprint faster. Ha! I know I need to work on my leg strength more, as it’s my legs that let me down all the time. They feel like two bags of coal sometimes, awkward and so so heavy. I rarely get out of breath, but my legs start to hurt and I end up walking. I can’t stress how annoying that is, so I reckon I need to build them up. I should do some squats and lunges but I’m simply too lazy!

In other news, it would appear the tendon issue was a phantom! I spent a very informative hour at The Newry Clinic on Wednesday, where I received some unexpected deep tissue massage on my left calf. Sweet Jesus. The CIA should use this instead of water boarding! Apparently the muscles were very tight; evidenced by my girlish squeal when she prodded them, so I was advised to stretch properly before and after running (which I never do to be honest). All my tendons checked out ok, so what’s the cause of this bony lump on my foot? A contusion on the bone, or an old stress fracture it would seem. Perhaps my foot was starting to give way under my previous bulk! Regardless, I’m just glad it has been explained. Hopefully it behaves itself until November. This was my first experience of physiotherapy and was much less scary than I anticipated, I think I’ll be back for more massage as the miles go up.

Weight wise, results have been unimpressive. Same old story, I get down to around 12st 5 and then I have a blowout and head up to 12st 10 or more! Yikes! I can’t say the first three weeks of consistent running have been a boost to my weightloss, something I had expected. However, I have been a good girl all week and weighed in at 12st 2lb this morning – its been a good while since I’ve been this light. I dont feel it though, in fact I feel fatter now than ever. My belly is a constant preoccupation, and it’s frankly exhausting, but I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from it. Anyway, I am heading away for the weekend with family, so it will probably be a while before I see this weight again – but life is for living etc etc, and a family holiday wouldn’t be the same without getting drunk and eating a fry in the mornings. So far, so Irish. At least I know that any gain does come off, but three years into my endeavours, I just wish I was content with how I look. Boo hoo!

Enough self indulgence! Thank you to all my new Twitter followers and everyone who reads my posts. The new WordPress update has been quite the revelation, I find it mental to think of someone in Thailand clicking on my blog; almost as mental as some of the search terms that throw my page up as a result.

Until next time

McCooey xxxx



2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. well done Lianne remember the days of the little chippy, hey no more:):), looking forward to following your blogg and may you conquer the Big Apple

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