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If you’ve arrived here after seeing the article in this weeks Newry Reporter then hello! Well done for being arsed either typing in the address or for Googling – I probably wouldn’t have bothered! Unless you’re interested in weightloss, marathon training or random Slimming World recipes, there’s probably better things on the Internet for you to be looking at. But if any of these things do interest you, have a look around and feel free to comment and give a bit of feedback – even if its to rip me out for sounding like a middle aged life coach in a shit women’s magazine.

On a lighter note; well, in this case, a heavier note, how brutal is that ‘before’ picture in the paper?? I have to say, that photo makes me cringe – there’s not a single redeeming feature to be seen there. Woeful. It’s probably the worst picture of myself I’ve ever seen, though there are probably worse out there – I never liked posing for pics back in the day, for quite obvious reasons. If any of you out there have some surreptitious shots from The Pie Years, feel free to send them to me. The one good thing about that photo though is that it scares the bejeesus out of me. I don’t ever want to be that size again. It’s not a good look!

If you want to create some ‘before and after’ pictures of your own, you could do a lot worse than give Slimming World a try. It doesn’t work for everyone, but if you don’t try you’ll never know! The Bellini’s group on Wednesdays and Thursdays is where I lost the bulk of my weight, and although there’s no difference in what you’ll be learning – there is a difference in how it’s taught. Naomi’s group is very easy going and welcoming, without being intimidating, so if you’re the type to feel a bit shy or apprehensive, try that group out. She really does make everyone feel at home, so no need for nerves. If you’re still not sure but would like to know the basics of getting going with Slimming World, don’t be afraid to have the craic with me if you see me about Newry. Any excuse to talk shite and have a laugh! In a serious way of course.

Anyone who fancies making a donation, click on the ‘marathon donations’ tab at the top of the page and work away. All donations will go 100% to the charity you choose. You’re not paying for me to go on holiday! Times are tight, so I have no intention of running round Newry with a sponsor card like a tit. Having said that, Newry Hospice and the Alzheimer’s Society are two great causes – even a pound can make all the difference.

Anyway, that’s all the craic for now. Despite the initial scunderment of being in the paper, it’s nowhere near as embarrassing as being a big fat hallion. Or as embarrassing as being on the front of the Newry Democrat with Anthony from Big Brother. Who? Exactly.

All the best,


P.S. Many thanks to Aoife McKeever for writing the article that made me not sound like a total douchebag. My blog hits are through the roof! Cheers our one, the very best of luck – I owe you a drink!



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