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Guess where I was this weekend?


Not Paris – Blackpool!

What else would take a group of five sexy young harlets (and me) to the Las Vegas of the north but a hen weekend! Yes, my first ever hen party. My ye olde school chum Ann Marie is getting married in November! So off we went to the bright lights of Blackpool to celebrate this joyous event. By getting pissed and making fools of ourselves!

And what fun it was. I loved every minute of it. Despite spending a large portion of Saturday in bed suffering a foul hangover, the drag cabaret brought me back to life and I was ready for round two. Round two involved the systematic assassination of the dancefloor, in typical ‘white girl’ fashion – it was messy, unattractive, but unbelievable fun!

I’ve never enjoyed a weekend as much before, because it was my first proper ‘night out’ in a club as a not-so-fat person. I spent five years working in a nightclub, and I loved it, but I always felt out of place and conscious of my largeness. Don’t get me wrong, all shapes and sizes frequent the discotheque, but your enjoyment depends upon how comfortable you feel in your own skin – and this was the first time I felt truly comfortable. The only thing I had to be conscious of was my exuberant and idiotic dancing!

In one way, I was kicking myself for not having lost weight sooner – I missed out on years worth of acting like a tool on the dancefloor just because I was too embarrassed to do so. Having said that, I did throw some shapes when I worked in The Bank, but I was a big fish in a small pond and that made it easier to pretend I didn’t care. Excuse the pity party! But here, it’s all good now. Hopefully there will be more of these messy nights out!

My point here is, if you’re feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, just draw a line under it and make the changes you need to. It might not be easy at first, and there might be things you have to sacrifice; but the results will more than outweigh all these. I spent a good two to three years sitting in at the weekends, not drinking etc, because it would have interfered with the weightloss. Yes, it was boring at times and the odd time I would feel like I was missing out, but I’m glad now that I put the effort into it. I’m still not happy with the way I look, but I’m not ashamed to pose for photos (mostly), and I don’t spend the evening shying away from a boogie with my mates.

So many thanks to Ann Marie, Aine, Ruth, Cousin Deirdre and Leeanne (who organised the whole thing and did a class job), for a brilliant weekend and for being there through the thick and thin of my tubby existence.

Roll on the wedding!


Congratulations Liam & Ann Marie


One thought on “Craicpool

  1. To quote our ole mate Tina “you’re simply the best!” You are one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known. It’s a privilege to be called your friend. I’m so proud of you.

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