All I Want for Christmas is…


It’s Sunday 25th November, and I’m sitting watching Father Ted – trying to avoid the fact that I have work to go to tomorrow. Yesterday, Ann Marie and Liam tied the knot, and what a day it was! The wedding was beautiful, and lets face it – the most beautiful part (for the pielord in me) was the feed. I just love food. All food. For me, being social in any way must involve food. 2012 seems to have been the most social year in recent memory, and it has really shown on the scales. For the first two years of being a Slimming World person, I lost huge amounts of weight. Four stone the first year, four stone the next, then another stone which took me to the nice round figure of twelve stone. Then I decided to chill out – after all, I was going to be running a m******n. So I settled at 12st 6. I’d go up, then come back down; maybe even hit 12st 4! This pattern has continued since May, and it’s getting irritating. Then again, the first couple of years spent Slimming meant I went nowhere – literally. I gave it my full obsessive attention! Life is for living, so I shouldn’t regret my holidays, hen nights, boozy nights out, hangover munchfests etc, but it’s demoralising seeing the numbers go up, and even moreso when I feel tubby along with it…..

So here I am. November 1st saw me fly into New York at 12st 6, and fly home at almost 13 stone. A fortnight of being well behaved brought me down to 12st 8, but then I went and had a birthday….which had to be celebrated. Then, a mere three days after the birthday – the wedding! Hello 13 stone. So with a neat month to go until Christmas, I am being SUPER well behaved. I am back on the horse as of tomorrow morning, rocking the Extra Easy plan as six months of Red days as my main plan has made me really hate Slimming World. Variety is the spice of life, and Extra Easy really does allow variety.

In a step of real self indulgence, I’m going to post my meals for the week and my losses (fingers crossed) so that the people who Google things like ‘slimming world doesn’t work’ or ‘why can’t I lose weight on slimming world’ can see that it actually does work! I hope to God this doesn’t backfire on me. I want to try and get as close as possible to 12 stone for Christmas Eve. Oddly, that’s exactly the same figure I was chasing in the run up to last Christmas! I ended up at 12st 4. Maybe I should write a letter to Santa?

Dear Santa,

Keep me the fuck away from German Biscuits and Reisen chocolate chews until the 24th December




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