Being Good: Week One

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Wahey! One week of Extra Easy had an extra super effect! Last Monday morning, I was a hefty thirteen stone and two pounds. This morning I weighed twelve stone, ten and three quarter pounds. For the sake of argument, I am saying 12st 11lb. So that’s a five pounds loss in one week – not too shabby! So for all of you who Google things like “slimming world doesn’t work” or “why can’t I lose weight on slimming world” – yes it does! And yes you can! So how did I lose weight this week? By sticking to the rules and going back to basics.


Fruit for breakfast, with a half frozen Mullerlight dumped over it all. By fruit I mean a wee prepared pot of Sainsburys apple, grape and pineapple; and a chopped up banana.

Lunch was 2 x Batchelors Mild Curry Noodle Pots

Dinner was a few decent bowls of broccoli and potato soup, followed by two Alpen Bars.

I had no syns, and I got ahead of myself by making a thunderingly yummy Quorn Lasagne. I may have snaffled half of it…. But it was syn free, so happy days!


Same breakfast again

Lunch was the remainder of the soup, with 4 Ryvita

Dinner was the remainder of the lasagne, with a few SW chips and some Birdseye frozen veg.

I had myself 8 syns in the guise of Milky Way Crispy Rolls (6) and a tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce (2) with my dinner.


Same breakfast again – not because I can’t think of anything else, I just really enjoy it!

Lunch was beans on toast

I was hungry on the way home in the car, so I stopped off at a garage and got some apples and sugar free Red Bull. I know, lavish.

Dinner! Phwoar!!! Steak! Chips! Mushrooms and onions! Peas! Ommm nommm!

No syns at all at all. How well behaved.


No work today, so I had a big fat fry! Without the fat of course. I had four slices of bacon, four eggs (scrambled), and some trusty Heinz beans. I would have had toast, but wanted to keep my healthy extra in the form of Alpen Bars, which I snaffled over coffee with a friend.

Breakfast was quite late, so I had a shepherds pie for dinner with some vegetables.

5 syns, in the form of toffee bonbons.


A fruity breakfast…..and, well you get the idea. To be honest, the Twitter updates of my menus were beginning to annoy me, so I can only imagine they were annoying for everyone else too! I kept on the same track as the days I have mentioned for the whole week. The high points of the week? The lasagne was damn good – never be afraid of Quorn. If anyone wants the recipe, give me a shout. It’s also great being able to enjoy beans again! My wee break from Original plan was a real treat. Low points? My Granny’s 90th birthday party on Friday night. There was cake everywhere, and APPLE TART. I love apple tart. I ignored it. I brought an Alpen bar instead – wheeeeee.

But sure you can just have a wee bit?

Yes, I can. But that ‘wee bit’ will turn me into a sugar crazed, fat obsessed, maniac. I’ll eat everything in sight. I’m not even joking! I’m like Henry Sellers taking a sip of sherry in Father Ted; I end up rampaging around the kitchen, throwing random foodstuffs into my mouth, eyeing up the cat like he’s a Christmas ham – that kind of thing. It’s all or nothing with me, I still haven’t mastered the whole ‘everything in moderation’ thing yet. That said, I was glad this morning when I stood on the scales that I didn’t go on a similar rampage at Granny’s birthday. So can I repeat this feat next week? I would doubt it.

I reckon a good one or two pounds of the 13st 2lb last Monday was actually sitting in my stomach. If you know what I mean. I spent all weekend eating and drinking to excess, so I was filled to the brim with chips and sweets and German Biscuit. Even so, at this stage, a three pound loss in one week is pretty ok – even if it doesn’t feel like that much of a victory. I’m raging at myself for having been in the low twelves for most of the year, only to let myself creep up towards the end of the year. I shouldn’t be seeing thirteen on the scales again. Having said that, my current course of action is the best one. Just go back to basics, and let the Slimming World fairies work their magic. I am going to try and get to the gym this week at some point, just to freshen up the old metabolism and remind my body that it can actually move. I may also throw in a wee Red day, just to mix things up and shock my body out of the potatoey slumber and carb comfort of Extra Easy.

I will keep you updated. 21 days to Christmas! Where I will no doubt regain all I have lost anyway. Ah well, it’s Christmas.


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