Being Good: Week Two

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So! Another four pounds off this week – I’m twelve stone and seven pounds exactly as of 6.30pm this morning. Happy days yes? Well, no. I was quite disappointed. You see, because I’m a bit of a dick, I weigh myself at least twice a day. Sometimes three times. Now I know that this is ridiculous, and it merely fans the flames of an unhealthy obsession, but I continue to do it. I’ve had the Other Half hide the scales before, but I usually find them or plead like a gypsy in an airport to get them back. The most crucial weigh in of the day is first thing in the morning, and on Thursday morning I weighed in at 12st 4.5lb! This wasn’t an anomaly – my weight had been going down steadily since last Monday, and even though I kept telling myself not to get carried away, I was over the bloody moon. Needless to say, what goes up must come down. Or in this case, the opposite is true!

I can’t explain this spectacular loss. I didn’t do anything differently. Lots of soups, superfree* and Extra Easy yummy dishes! Having said that, I find I’m eating less food in general on Extra Easy as opposed to Original/Red – I’m definitely less hungry. Carbs really aren’t the enemy! Also, I’m not using my full Healthy Extra A. I find it hard to keep track of it – ie if I have two cups of coffee, or use a splash of milk in scrambled egg – I don’t want to syn these ‘splashes’, so I have cut out cheese to accommodate this. I’m getting plenty of calcium from my daily Mullerlight and my greens, so I’m not worried too much. Again, I can’t explain the big drop, but it doesn’t matter now as it has been eroded! If I hadn’t been weighing myself during the week I wouldn’t be having this minor huff now, so let this be a lesson! Weigh yourself ONCE A WEEK, otherwise your head will explode. Metaphorically.

HIGH POINT OF THE WEEK: Thursdays weight of 12st 4.5lb
LOW POINT OF THE WEEK: Not maintaining the above weight!
DISH OF THE WEEK: Last nights Beef Rump Strips with Stir Fry Veg and Curry Noodles

Onwards and upwards. If I carry on in the same vein, I will just edge the twelve stone mark for Christmas Eve – then again it’s equally as likely that I’ll be found balls deep in a tin of Roses on the 21st and spend all of Christs Birthday in a onesie, ‘sucking in’ furiously and crying in the bathroom.

Ding dong Merrily on Pies.


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