Scratching the Surface of Janathon


So after all my yapping back in June about how I’d never do Juneathon again, here I am doing it again – just in January instead. I figured I would appreciate the structure of it all as a way back into running, given I literally haven’t engaged in any form of exercise since November 4th! I have missed it a little, though was quite content to do nothing for a while. 2012 was just a sportsfest for me, how the hell I ever managed to source the energy for it all I’ll never know! But my epic weight gain over Christmas means that I need to employ all resources to get back to normal, so back to the sportswear I go.

Needless to say, Day One of Janathon was a physically muted affair. I was crashing badly after a weeks worth of shameless eating, which culminated in the destruction of a giant Dark Chocolate Toblerone and a quart of Christmas Spiced Fudge from Lidl (which was spectacular) ; and I knew my time would be better spent preparing meals for the next day to keep me from falling off the wagon. So I did ten sit ups and ten press ups before bed, and that was that. Today however, I got ready for the road as soon as I got in from work. A pleasant two miles, one walked, one jogged. I’m determined not to overthinkthe running I do from now on, as it’s obvious that I cannot deal with statistics rationally, so instead of Nike Plussing I used the stopwatch function on my phone. The time was fine, and not a million miles away from what I was used to during my training for New York, so I can’t complain too much. Day Two done. For motivation, I am going to start crossing off the days on my Tom Daley calendar! I know it’s wrong……. Don’t judge me. Doesn’t matter what way you swing, we can all appreciate beautiful things!




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