Selling Out


A busy week for Big Fat Marathon, it seems like ages since I did a new post. Apologies regular readers! Anyway, needless to say, I abandoned Janathon on the 3rd and I don’t feel one bit guilty about it. It would appear that last year’s marathon training did not stoke an obsessive fire for exercise in me after all, though that was never the plan. Rather than berate myself for being a bit of a sloth; I’ve decided just to let it wash over me and know that, at some stage, the desire will return – possibly when the weather picks up a bit!

So if I didn’t spend my week sweating attractively in high viz, what was I up to? Well, getting slagged mostly. Why? For being on tv with a pair of jeans that Bernard Manning would have worn as a lounge pant. The story began last Thursday after a random tweet from Wendy Austin at Radio Ulster, which snowballed into me standing in front of a tv camera the next day; trying very hard not to swear as I talked about losing weight. It went ok! Apart from sounding VERY ‘Northern Ireland’ with echoes of culchie (Google it), it wasn’t a total shamefest. Normally I am the very person who would snigger at the cheeseyness of someone standing doing the ‘before and after fat trousers’ picture, but I figured that if it gives even one person a bit of hope that you can change your ways, it was worth it. Realistically, who’s going to remember it in a fortnights time anyway? The response so far has been great, lots of congratulations and well dones from people who only know me as a normal sized McCooey. “You must be so proud of yourself!” is also a common statement. Truth be told, not really! Don’t get me wrong, it’s great and all, but there are so many good news stories about weightloss that go unheard, I feel a bit of a fraud by sticking my chest out about it. Nine stone is fantastic, but I know people who have lost ten, twelve, thirteen stone; and that’s just at a local level! What about the Slimming World Men & Women of the Year? Collossal amounts of weight lost, without surgery! Gasp! Kinda flies in the face of the nonsense being spouted by certain bariatric surgeons on tv – Weightloss Ward anyone? That’s a rant for another day….

The one thing I would say about the piece was that I didn’t get to say HOW I lost the weight. That was a pity, as if it had been me four or five years ago watching, I’d want to know what the secret was! A few people have asked me during the week for this ‘secret’, themselves mooting suggestions as to what it could be. These myths, popularised by effervescent magazine articles and the media in general, really irk me. They are very often contradictory, misleading, and give false hope based on largely unfounded ‘research’. I’m talking about things like:

Only eat three square meals a day
Breakfast like a king, dinner like a pauper
No eating after six o clock
No carbs after three o clock
Carbs are the enemy
Potatoes are fattening
Grapefruit has negative calories, so if you eat it, it eats you and makes you thin

These annoy me, because I’ve tried them all out and I just ended up fatter and fed up! Don’t get me wrong, each myth has some truth in it, but everything in moderation etc etc. So what is my secret?

I eat about four to five meals a day -some big, some small
Sometimes I eat a big breakfast, sometimes I skip it
I eat before six o clock, after six o clock – whenever I want
I eat carbs in free amounts, all the time
Carbs are your friend
Potatoes are low fat and fricking fabulous
Grapefruit is MINGING

It’s hardly a secret. Low calorie foods are the way to go, be they lean meats, vegetables, potatoes, pasta or rice. Don’t spoil the fantasticness of them with high calorie sauces, spreads, or oils. Eat these foods when you’re hungry, regardless of what time it is. Have a little dairy each day to keep you healthy. Have a little bread or cereal each day to keep you regular! Then, have a little of what you fancy to keep you sane! Unless you have an addictive personality, then it’s only poor food choices that are making you overweight. Make better choices, see better results. For some of us, it’s not that easy, but there’s no harm in at least giving it a try. You never know, it might get you on the telly…


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