WeightWatchers vs Slimming World: A Game of Two Halves


Weightwatchers is weird.

That’s what Patsy Kensit should really be saying as she purrs her way through that ridiculous tv ad. As if that woman ever had problems with her weight! Being a Slimming World head, the transition to WW was not an entirely happy one. I have compiled a list of pros and cons of the WeightWatchers points counting plan.


  • No food is off limits. If you want to have a KitKat Chunky for your breakfast – happy days, work away
  • You get to eat BREAD. I have regained a taste for bread/bread products during my 14 days of WeightWatchers
  • You aren’t a slave to the stove. It is entirely possible to stick to the plan without having to cook. Between WW’s own range of ready meals, and the fact that Sainsburys and M&S carry ProPoints values on their ‘healthy range’; you’re never really stuck for a quick meal
  • Most fruit and veg are now free – they used to carry points back in the day, but now they don’t.
  • The 49 extra Weekly Points – means you can essentially eat whatever you want on one day of the week. Feels like a day off, but you’re still on plan. Or you can spread them out during the week, whatever.
  • The mobile app is fantastic. Easily navigated and quite comprehensive, it takes the guesswork out of shopping/eating out.


  • With no food being off limits, it’s a dangerous plan for someone who is experiencing food addiction. That sounds very conspiracy theorist, but I believe there’s an element of truth in it. The fact that you can have a KitKat for breakfast if you want is great – if you can stop at that. If WW had been my first choice of plan to try at 21 stone, I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have been able to control myself! I would spend all my daily points on crap, promising myself that I’d eat only fruit and veg for the rest of the day – which would inevitably not happen.
  • While not having to cook is great, there are times when only a baked potato will do; but at 8 points for a medium baked potato, it feels like you are being penalised for wanting real food! A typical WW ready meal is anywhere between 7 and 10 points, so it feels more prudent to opt for the ready meal. A typical Slimming World baked potato feast (for me) would consist of at least two potatoes and a Heinz snap pot. This would work out at 20 points! Leaving me eight points for the rest of the day. If I added bacon into the mix, that would further erode my balance. It’s a big change having to weigh foods that you previously ate freely, and it’s a bit of a stumbling block to be honest.
  • The mobile app is great, but it doesn’t have all the values all the time. You can use the points calculator, but prepare yourself to get lots of dirty looks from fellow shoppers if you’re clogging up the aisle as you tap away on your smartphone.
  • Eating out is fine, only if you’re in a chain – ie Costa, Starbucks, Burger King, Wagamama etc. Independent cafes and delis are great if you’re doing Slimming World, as you can get yourself an ‘on plan’ meal quite easily, baked potatoes, salads, lean meats and so on all being free. With WW, I can go to a deli and get these things, but am I really going to ask the server what weight the potatoes are? Or exactly how much chicken they are putting in my tortilla wrap? Or, for that matter, what size is that wrap? It would be easier in terms of counting to go to a Poundland and load up on WW biscuits. That’s not a healthy approach to anything!

So all pros and cons considered, how have I enjoyed my (almost) two weeks of Weightwatching? It’s hard to know. Like I said at the start, it’s weird. The first week, I didn’t lose anything, so I thought I’d give it another week. Since I weighed in on Monday morning, I have lost 4.5 pounds! I weighed 12st 8.5lb yesterday morning, so I decided to change my weigh in day to Saturday as it makes more sense – I can then enjoy my Weekly Points on Saturday night with even less guilt than normal. I went out last night and used them with great gusto!

I will say though, I am experiencing quite a bit of hunger on this plan. McCooey likes to eat, and I am missing my big feeds of pasta, potatoes, beans, cooked breakfasts etc. But maybe that’s not a bad thing? Maybe I am at the stage now where portion control needs to be looked at? Who knows. All I know is that I do seem to be eating smaller meals more often. I’m not feeling entirely satisfied, but then that is allayed by being able to have some chocolate later in the evening. Though how WW work out their ProPoints values is beyond me. A 200g portion of Heinz Beans (a snap pot) is 4 ProPoints – as is a Malteser Bunny. A three egg omelette made with three large eggs equals 8 ProPoints, before you add any ham, bacon, cheese, whatever. A Pot Noodle has 7 points. See the disparity? I’m not even going to get into the issue of ready meals and their salt content etc, but I can’t ever see how food from a packet can be preferable to actual proper food.

That said, the weightloss from this week is very pleasant to see, and makes me want to continue with the plan for that reason. The weightloss. Whether or not it’s sustainable remains to be seen, but I’m enjoying my break from Slimming World – despite missing most elements of it. Maybe there’s a way to combine the two? One week of Food Optimising followed by one of Weight Watching maybe? Or if there’s a period of time coming up where you know you’re going to be out a lot, or on holiday etc, maybe you can take time off Slimming World but stay ‘on plan’ with WeightWatchers? Even if only to maintain? I’m going to give it another week and see what happens next Saturday. I may wean myself back onto SW but keep an eye on my portion sizes, and literally Watch my Weight.




Christ only knows.


Egg, beans and toast = 13 points
Ready meal = 12 points


Chicken HotPot. Does what it says on the tin. Or pot in this case.


3 thoughts on “WeightWatchers vs Slimming World: A Game of Two Halves

  1. I’m not sure how points work now, but they used to penalise foods with saturated fats – the idea being that over time you’d be encouraged to eat healthier calories.

  2. I was really interested to see how you were doing with this. Think I’ll stick to SW. I’ve lost 11 pounds in the first 3 weeks but am being super strict. Good luck on whichever you choose and jeez woman you’re looking great don’t stress!!!

  3. I found this very interesting as I’m currently following weight watchers and I used to calorie count. I find it much easier than calorie counting but I don’t know what slimming world is (apart from the name of the magazine). The way I deal with the smartphone app is get what I want from the supermarket and then calculate the portions at home and favorite things so I can access them easily :).

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