To WeightWatch or not to WeightWatch?


So here I am on a sunny Saturday in McCooeyville, smacking my lips and congratulating myself on the wonderful breakfast of stewed apples and porridge I just had. This stewed apple thing is going to be the death of me – I literally cannot get enough of them. I imagine this is how the Women’s Institute get their kicks; aside from doing lines of icing sugar, obviously.

I digress.

Today was weigh in day, and it would appear I have gained a half a pound. A whole 227g. Now I never enjoy seeing the numbers going up, but I find myself giving fewer fucks than usual – why? Because I have enjoyed my eating this week! I have been eating SHITE. Processed, convenient, but ultimately permitted, shite. Tortilla wraps, ready meals, instant mash snackpot things, porridge that you just chuck hot water into – you see the trend. I have been eating my usual fruit, apples aside, and making myself vegetable soup; so I’m not a total tramp. Weightwatchers really is about smaller portions of all foods, fresh or otherwise, and that doesn’t normally sit well with me but I am coping remarkably well. I had planned to go back to the old familiar Slimming World as of tomorrow, as I miss the glorious cooked breakfasts, pasta, and baked potatoes; but I will find it hard to say goodbye to the sexy convenience of the mash pots, the porridge, and most of all – the free stewed apples.

The fact I’ve eaten and enjoyed all this crap, yet only gained a small amount, is quite remarkable. I think the gain is chiefly down to me being hungover last Sunday and eating everything in sight! Maybe if I hadn’t, I would be sitting with a small loss today. Who knows?

Do I go for another week of WeightWatchers, bringing me up to an even four weeks before trotting back to Slimming World? Or do I just go now?

Your thoughts please!


I just like this picture. It has nothing to do with weightloss, and everything to do with my brain.


4 thoughts on “To WeightWatch or not to WeightWatch?

  1. believe in some of the adage – you are what you eat – eat rubbish – feel rubbish – look rubbish

    Over the long term the red type slimming world plan with plenty of fish and chicken is the way to go

    If you really want to change the composition of your body add in some resistance training


    …….. Could kill for a donut and cream 😦

  2. Reading your blog with a keen interest, I have diced with diets and never really whole heartedly continued with them. But I have hit wrong bottom and feel ‘meh’.

    This led me to now start pondering the same question, weight watchers or slimming world – and i am just not sure which way to go…………

    I think I shall finish off my chocolate whilst I think some more

  3. why dont you try the weight watchers simply filling , no weighing or measuring and you still get 49 points to play with. the list can be found by googling it but it’s extensive. i found i got hungry on my propoints and with this you dont, good news for you is that jacket potatoes and beans and ww bread are on the free list BUT you do have to only eat until satisfied(similar to slimming world but with bread and a more sensible/practical list of free foods, ive lost 1/2 stone in two weeks x

  4. I read your stuff not only for inspiration… But because you are just too funny. You should be a writer as well as a special baker.

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