Back to Basics. Again.


By the power of the Internet, I am returning to the joyful land of Slimming World as of tomorrow! I will miss the allure of WeightWatchers, but I won’t miss indulging the part of me that enjoyed eating ready meals and processed crap. I will be throwing myself into the Extra Easy plan with the same vigour I did when I started it properly in May 2009, and hopefully the results will be every bit as impressive – relatively speaking of course. I have made myself a pot of leek and potato soup to kick start my week properly, so no excuses for falling at the first hurdle tomorrow!

I have a serious amount of things swirling around my head at the minute, so I’m going to put the blog on ice for a bit to free up some head space. I will post again when I hit 12st 4lb – Christ knows when that will be. I weighed in yesterday at 12st 9lb, but have been eating Chinese food and drinking vodka since then. I dread to think what weight I am at the minute.

Anyway. See you all at 12st 4lb.

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Horrifying. Truly horrifying.


2 thoughts on “Back to Basics. Again.

  1. It’s the best choice

    They had a tv program here in the uk last week about weight watchers and the millions they make from …..

    Their products are typically per grams one and a half time she price of normal products – strangely WW stuff had more points per gram as well

    WW has neaely 100% failure and regain more weight amongst dieters

    WW products have one of the worst records for additives than anything on the market

    Average cost per member of each Ib in weight lost = £100

    Choice is yours

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