Long Time, No See


I haven’t blogged in over a month, that’s a pretty lengthy dry spell! Apologies to anyone and everyone who cares. I’ve been a busy bee to say the least. 2012 was the year of the marathon, 2013 is going to be the year of the new business start!

After five years of looking, searching, head-scratching, wondering, planning, returning to the drawing board, amending, thinking and deciding – I’m finally opening a coffee shop/cafe/food store of my very own. To say I am pooping myself about it all would be a serious understatement. Blogging has been the last thing on my mind, but my weight still worries me as much as the new project. I am nowhere near the coveted 12 stone. I am still fluctuating between 12st 9lb and 13st 2lb. I am doing no exercise, and the muscle tone I had last year has all but vanished. I look like a saggy, doughy, bag of shite; and I’m a bit raging at myself. Having said that, my usual way of coping with nervous energy is to let it build up til my head is at the point of explosion rather than burn it off with exercise. I am sensible like that.

The cafe opens on Thursday, and I’m nowhere near ready. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but old habits die hard! People keep asking me what I’m going to be serving, and are always surprised when I say I’m not serving chips. Chips are bla. I will be serving simple, traditional grub – like home cooking only in a restauranty setting. I can’t lie, there will be a Slimming World aspect to it, but you can’t say that explicitly or the powers that be will shout. That said, my soups and stews will be syn free, as will my ‘extra healthy breakfast’. I’m also making and packaging sandwiches made with Nimble bread for Slimming Worlders who are lunching on the go. Baked potatoes are on the menu too, as well as a syn free curry! Like I said, you can’t say this all explicitly, so you have to try and find a way of communicating it without using trademarked words and phrases! Not the easiest thing in the world! ‘Fat free’ isn’t right, ‘low fat’ is an overused and fairly meaningless term, and things like ‘healthy choice’ or ‘waist watching’ are patronising. I’ve gone for ‘Extra Healthy’. I figure local people who know my background will trust that when I say something is syn free, it really is. Since finding the SW plan, I find it hard to eat out confidently. You can never know 100% what goes into food you haven’t prepared for yourself – you just have to trust the chef. I rarely trust the chefs when it comes to oils and butter and things that are syn-heavy!

So it’ll be Fry Light all the way in McCooey’s! I know, a highly original name. Obviously I will be stocking a range of syntastic cakes, traybakes, and general indulgent stuff as well. I have no intention of lecturing the paying customer on what they should be eating, I am there to give them what they want. Hopefully they want what I have to offer!

Anyway, that’s the craic. Hopefully I don’t make a bollocks of the whole thing. If any of you blog followers out there are ever in Newry, give me a shout in and I will have a free coffee with your name on it.

Here are some photos to bulk out this post, and let you have a nosey at my life since January.