So WeightWatchers is pretty good…..


Just a wee short post, moreso to reassure those who take an interest that I haven’t fallen off the wagon, again! Three weeks of WeightWatchers has resulted in a loss of half a stone. Granted, it’s not a startling amount, but it has been consistent – weightloss each week, albeit small. It has been very pleasant too! The Filling and Healthy plan is fabulous, with the unlimited bread (calorie controlled brown of course) and unlimited skimmed milk playing a big part! Admittedly, you have to ditch white rice and pasta, but I haven’t missed them. All told, WeightWatchers is incredibly convenient, satisfying, and still leaves room to be ‘naughty’ during the week with 49 points to play with. The change has been so much better than a rest, and hopefully the losses continue up until Christmas Eve!

Week One: 16st 2lb

Week Three: 15st 9lb

Until the 24th,






2 thoughts on “So WeightWatchers is pretty good…..

  1. I have been finding your posts both interesting and supportive relating very much to your dieting/eating habits and seeing such similar patterns in my own weight losses/gains/losses/gains (you get the picture.) Having done Slimming World and 5:2 and trained for the London Marathon and got in the best shape ever, I’ve once again fallen off the ‘This is the last time I’m dieting, never again, I’m going to maintain a healthy lifestyle and nip small weight gains in the bud’ wagon and find myself 18lbs heavier than I was in August. And not for the first time either. Ashamed and disgusted aren’t the words. Anyway, appreciate very much your posts and very well done on your weight loss. 7lbs off is 7lbs off, half a stone not to be sniffed at! Go girl!

  2. Well Hello

    Glad to see you are back.

    Just learn to love yourself. My friend thinks she will only be lovable as a thin person, with a flat tummy. Look around. Many happies without!

    More soon, it’s work time. Yay.

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